who I am and why I’m here

As part of the WordPress Blogging 101 project I’ve been invited to introduce myself to the world. So, welcome to my first post.

My name is Kenny Manson and I’m an internationally qualified fitness professional, accountant and musician. I’m passionate and curious about health, wellness, personal development, business, technology and creativity.

At heart I’m a client-centred coach interested in and fascinated by the process of performance – how can we become better at the things we wish to give our best to?

I’m here as I wish to become a better writer. The reason I wish to become a better writer is that I enjoy the creative process; writing provides an opportunity to share aspects of what I’ve learned from the somewhat unusual mix of areas I’ve studied and worked in. And the reason for doing that is, well, why wouldn’t you?

I want to give back some of what I’ve learned to a wider audience and if even only one person finds something actionable in my writing I’ll be happy. That’ll be the aim of my future posts, and I’m looking forward to the evolution of this creative process.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to check my first post out.


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