when’s best to make a change?


Changing habits for the better and making resolutions to improve your life is something we’ve all done. Some seem harder to begin (let alone achieve) than others, and part of this may be down to when we start. I’m a firm believer in simply deciding to make the change and taking some immediate, positive action. However that’s not for everyone; it’s not always possible and sometimes change takes a bit of planning. Subsequently – in the western world at least – we tend to use Monday as the start of a fresh week, Monday’s the day to quit the bad habit and start the good one.

My suggestion is to make that day a Friday instead of Monday.


I suggest Friday as most of us tend to have a weekend free of our working obligations, we tend to have more time for ourselves. It suddenly becomes a lot easier to maintain and reinforce the positive change when our usual daily demands are lessened. Then, when Monday rolls around, we’re already into the fourth day of the new habit we’re establishing. As a result there’s not the same feeling of trying to get through the week that exists with a change that is instigated on a Monday.


Over To You

What is one thing you would like to change to improve the quality of your life? Could you make a start, take the first step, however small, today? I look forward to your comments and have a fun and healthy weekend.

3 thoughts on “when’s best to make a change?

  1. Finding myself possibly heading back into the marketplace (after a break of 6 years off to watch my grandkids) I had no confidence in my ability to be efficient or function as I had in the grownup world. I didn’t see my outdated skills as anything of value to a possible employer. My first step was getting back on the computer, specifically taking the blogging101 course. It’s helping me realize that I am still able to learn new skills.

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    • That’s fantastic to hear! I know how hard it can be to feel that we can’t get from Point A to Point B when we’re actually at Point B already.

      I hope you’ve enjoyed taking the first step and that it has given you the confidence to take the next one. Well done!

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  2. I’ve never really considered starting on a Friday instead of a Monday but you give a strong argument on why it would be more beneficial this way!
    Honestly nothing new I am looking to change just maintaining the changes I have already but I will for sure be making new changes on Fridays now instead of Mondays!

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