Coaching Credentials

“Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.” ― Michael Jordan

There are two things I’m always curious about when I undertake any type of coaching. The first is that I like to know what credentials my coach or mentor has. Not necessarily experience; more how has their coaching world-view been shaped. Secondly – and more importantly – what are they studying or learning about right now? Are they presently being coached and mentored by someone? I believe a commitment to learning is the best path to self-discovery and self-improvement.

With this in mind, and in the interests of transparency, here’s a list of my existing coaching credentials and current formal studies since I struck out on this road in October 2011. Throughout my professional development and continuing education I’ve gone the extra mile to find and then work with world-class educators and mentors, so alongside each item I’ve included a link to the training provider for you to check out more if you wish.

Current Studies

  1. Precision Nutrition Certification Level 2 [PN]

Existing Credentials 

  1.  L2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing: Gym-Based Exercise  [CYQ]
  2.  L3 Award in Instructing Outdoor Fitness [CYQ]
  3.  Fisioplus Core Dynamics – [Fisioplus Pilates]
  4.  L3 Award in Business Skills for the Fitness Professional [CYQ]
  5.  L3 Certificate in Personal Training [CYQ]
  6.  Be Activated for Therapists & Trainers with Douglas Heel – L1 [Physio UK]
  7.  Kettlebell Instructor Certification – [Jordan Training Academy]
  8.  L2 Award in Group Indoor Cycling [CYQ]
  9.  TRX L1 Suspension Trainer [MEFITPRO]
  10.  TRX L1 RIP Training [MEFITPRO]
  11.  TRX L2 FORCE Trainer [Fitness Anywhere LLC]
  12.  TRX L1 Group Suspension Training [Fitness Anywhere LLC]
  13.  TRX L2 Sports Medicine Suspension Training [Fitness Anywhere LLC]
  14.  Be Activated for Therapists & Trainers with Douglas Heel – L2 [Physio UK]
  15.  PTA Global Bridging Course [PTAG]
  16.  milon Expert [milon Benelux]
  17.  PTA Global Advanced Personal Trainer [PTAG]
  18.  TRX L1 Group RIP Training [MEFITPRO]
  19.  ViPR Certification [Fitpro]
  20.  Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification [PN]
  21.  Trigger Point Therapy – SMRT CORE [MEFITPRO]
  22.  Trigger Point Therapy – Myofascial Compression  Techniques  [MEFITPRO]
  23.  REHAB Essentials [REHAB Trainer]
  24.  MyRide+ Instructor [Team ICG]
  25.  Technogym Kinesis Stations and Kinesis One [Wellness Institute]
  26. PTA Global Mentorships (M1, Presenting & Educating, M2)  [Personal Training Academy]
  27.  OD on Movement Mentorship [ODOM]

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” — Jim Rohn